Boring Bar System

The boring bar system is the first of three components that make up the Jamieson Tool System for hollow form turning.  The boring bar system consists of the "D" shaped handle, the dual purpose boring bar, and the swivel tip cutter assembly.  See the Backrest System and Laser pages for detailed descriptions of the other two components.



An ongoing difficulty of woodturning has been the ergonomics of getting the hollowing tool into the vessel.  Traditionally, a turner would have to bend over the lathe during hollowing. This position is often hard on the back and can cause damage to back and neck muscles over time.  This problem is further antagonized by the need for proper tool placement to achieve a perfect finish.  It was this problem that led Lyle to create the Jamieson Hollow Form Turning System for safer, in-control hollowing, that is fun, too. The system creates a rest behind the main tool rest which simplifies the hollowing process. A turner can stand beside the lathe and gently guide the cutter into the vessel.

Set up and use techniques may be seen on

the video/DVD HOLLOW FORMS - The Easy Way

by Lyle.



The dual purpose boring bar has the following options to allow access to any shape hollow form turning.

*The top boring bar has the straight swivel assembly.

*The second boring bar has the bent swivel assembly.

*The third boring bar has the straight swivel assembly in the opposite end of the bar with the 45 degree angled hole.

     An optional component (sold separately) is the jumbo bar which allows you to turn taller hollow forms.

*The bottom boring bar is the jumbo bar, 1 1/8 inch diameter with bent swivel assembly.

Above are the two swivel assemblies, one bent and one straight.  The bent assembly was originally designed for the jumbo bar, however, the bent assembly is often used in the standard 3/4 inch boring bar.  The bent swivel allows greater access inside the shoulder area of a hollow form.



Complete Jamieson Tool System on a OneWay toolrest


The Jamieson system and other turning equipment can be purchased by contacting Lyle at:

phone 231-947-2348

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